The Green Grill

With names like the Red Devil, Green Monster and Black Beast, you figure out pretty quickly that the burgers from the Green Grill are not your run of the mill street food. The fact that the colour of the burger buns reflect their name, yes the Green Monster is bright green, is an even bigger indication that this stall on Palmerston Road is doing something different. Don’t worry though, the brightly coloured buns aren’t some kind of artificial Frankenstein food, it’s all natural, healthy, and vegan. I’m not vegan, but after a Christmas spent eating roasts and mince pies, I decided to give the Green Grill a try in a token attempt at being healthy.

I’ve dabbled with vegan and veggie burgers in the past, and being honest, I’ve often found myself underwhelmed by them. You know the kind of thing I mean, a veggie burger option in a pub that looks OK on the menu, but ends up being a limp mushroom and some wet lettuce squashed in to a burger bun, the food equivalent of a wet weekend in Skegness. The Green Grill however is very different, their burgers are colourful and full of flavour, like a wild night out in Vegas.

We opted for the Red Devil and the Green Monster, both costing a fiver. The Red Devil, made with red kidney beans, sweet potato, onions, coriander, and a topping of piri piri sauce, was proper tasty and just the right side of spicy.  The ingredients in the Green Monster included sun dried tomatoes, spinach, peppers and peas. Topped with garlic sauce, it was moist and full of flavour. The Green Grill is everything you could want from a street food stall. The food is cooked perfectly, delivered quickly, and the service is great. The guys who run the stall are full of passion and enthusiasm for what they do, just ask them about their backgrounds and how they came to set up the business, you’ll hear the enthusiasm in their voices.

If like me you have had unfulfilling experiences with veg burgers in the past, the food from the Green Grill will show you just how good meat free food can be. You’ll find The Green Grill on Palmerston Road close to the Junction with the High Street, Wednesday through to Saturday. Read more on their Facebook Page or check them out on instagram.

Oh, and if you are reading this on Sunday 7th January, you can visit The Green Grill down at the Wildcard Brewery Vegan Market at their Lockwood way site from 11am.




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