Welcome to Walthamstow

Welcome to Walthamstow diary,  a site and blog dedicated to all things Walthamstow. I write about all sorts of things, events, community, pubs, businesses, local campaigns and even the guerrilla decorating of our wonky town centre Christmas tree. We have a diverse community here and there is generally always something going on. Between forest and marsh lies the glorious Stow, these are the tales and meanderings of a proud resident of E17

For those that don’t know, Walthamstow is located in East London at the end (or beginning) of the Victoria line. We have the longest daily street market in Europe, a Lighthouse and some amazing pubs and restaurants. We also have two of the best green spaces in London, in the shape of Epping Forest and the magical Walthamstow Marshes. Having lived all over London I landed on the shores of E17 over 20 years ago and really wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Is Walthamstow perfect? of course not, but we do have a pretty unique community here, lots of people genuinely care about E17 and their fellow residents, and that helps to make it a great place to live. I hope you enjoy the tales of my local wanderings, welcome to Walthamstow.




  1. I love your website and blog. I too have lived in many parts of London, and spent the last 5 years in Awesomestow. I’m still discovering the wonderful people and places here and nearby.

  2. I run a WW1 interest group called East London Western Front Association. We have great speakers on the third Thursday of every month….. not all about bayonets and bombs …. more diverse.
    Next month’s meeting is about Dogs in World War 1, on the 15th October. We meet at Waltham Forest sports and social club next to the town hall, all welcome.

  3. Literally love, love, love your blog. I’ve lived in Walthamstow all my life and I’m glad I stumbled across such pride. Good on ya

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