Parks and open spaces

Walthamstow is very luck to have some fantastic open spaces, many of them are listed on the council website but here are some of my favourites.

Walthamstow Marsh

On the banks of the Lea I made my home, and that’s where you will find the marshes. It is a site of special scientific interest because of the presence of creeping marshwort, a rare plant found in only two other places in the UK. It is also home to a small herd of cows, water voles, newts and kingfishers. Along with Leyton, Hackney and Tottenham marshes, this green lung that follows the course of the River Lea is a real gem.

St James Park

Location on Street Map

Located near the St James Street area of the E17, St James Park is a bit of a hidden gem. It has large mature trees lining its perimeter, a children’s playground in the middle and two large flat grassed areas that are often used for football and cricket. A fine place to catch some sun and relax.

Stoneydown Park

Between Blackhorse Road and Pretoria Avenue, Stoney Down has a fair bit to offer. There is a large children’s playground at one end and a lawn section next to Pretoria Avenue. The park plays host to the annual Stoneydown Park festival with folk bands, beer tent and stalls. It’s worth a visit and the festival makes for a great way to spend a Sunday Afternoon.

Lloyd Park

Once the garden of the Water House (William Morris gallery) Lloyd Park opened as a public space in 1900. It has recently been renovated and now has a skate park and playground as well as the gardens and open grassy areas. There is an island in the middle of the park which is surrounded by a moat making it pretty unique. The William Morris gallery is on the Forest Road side of the park and now has an excellent cafe

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  1. St James Park was my local childhood play area. During school holidays Lloyd’s Park theatre entertained hundreds of us. I have started visiting E17 again in recent years and am delighted the two parks still exist and hold the same attractions as back in the 1950s.

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