The pubs

This may not be the definitive list to all of Walthamstows ale houses, but I will list any that I have visited, and I’ve visited a few.

The Bell

The Bell Pub

Located on Forest Road this recently refurbished pub is a Gem on the Walthamstow pub scene and well worth a visit. Can get a bit kid crazy on Sundays but is a really nice bar with a great atmosphere. Read my review of opening night here

The Goose

If you get of the tube at Walthamstow Central this will likely be the first pub you will see. A former grot hole it was refurbished in 2012 and is much nicer. It shows sky sports so sometimes the football crowds are in the pub. Read my review of opening night here

The Rose and Crown

Located on Hoe Street the Rose is halfway between the Bell and the Goose and the three together can make a nice compact pub crawl. The Rose & Crown has a studio Theatre upstairs and often has bands on downstairs. If you go try the pizza from the pop up pizza shop outside, they are bloody lovely.

Nags Head

One of the pubs in Walthamstow Village, the Nags is a marmite venue, you will either love it or hate it. With a beer garden and tables out front it gets pretty busy in the summer. It has a jazz night on Sunday afternoons and serves decent food. Kids are welcome before 7pm but the landlady will ask you to take them home if they are around later than that. Oh and it’s best not to ask about the cats or the cat wedding.


Bottom of Coppermill Lane ( No Web Site)

Head straight down the market towards the marshes and you will find the Coppermill, a tiny pub mainly visited by locals it can feel a bit intimidating when you first walk in.  Don’t be put off though it is worth a visit, especially if you have been for a walk across the marsh.

Market Inn

No web site so here’s fancy a pint review

I have only ever been brave enough to go in to the Market when drunk, it’s a little like being in a living room but with lots of barflys. I should say that I have never been threatened or felt unsafe in the Market but I’ve never stayed long either.

The Cock Tavern

Walthamstow High Street (no web site)

This is one of the three pubs renovated in 2012. A grand old building that was a another grot hole. The refurb has cleaned it up but also removed much of its atmosphere and character. Been a few times now and it’s alright, handy for a drink when out shopping or on the way home but probably not a destination pub. Read my review from opening night here

The Village

Located on Orford Road close to eateries and other pubs the Village is a staple on the Walthamstow drinking circuit. It has a giant garden out back which is always popular in the summer. The pub serves food but the veg can sometimes be a bit overdone. Screens in the bar show football and other sports but it never overwhelms or takes over.

The Queens Arms

Can’t find a site so here’s what people have to say about it on beer in the evening

Another pub located on Orford Road in the Village, this one isn’t as trendy as the Nags or quiet as the village, it’s more of a traditional boozer. Can get busy and loud when the footy is on, and if you don’t like karaoke it’s probably best to avoid the place on a Sunday evening. The landlady, Maureen, is great at making everyone feel welcome and if she sees you in there a few times she’ll likely buy you a drink. There is a beer garden, not as big as the Village or Nags but still a nice place to spend a summer afternoon.

The Dukes Head

No site so here’s what fancy a pint has to say

The Duke stands on Woodstreet, not far from the Village and next door to the Woodstreet indoor market. I’ve only ever been to this pub once on a Saturday afternoon. They have a fair bit of live music on in the evenings, another traditional pub that seemed friendly enough.

The Flowerpot

E17 food and drink’s review

As with its neighbour The Dukes Head I’ve only been to this pub once before, in fact it was on the same day as my visit to the Dukes. The review from E17 food and drink sums the place up perfectly, worth a visit if you are in the Wood Street area.

The Shack at the Back

Live band photos entry

The Shack is located round the back of the Town Hall on Forest Road and is a social club. The last time I was there was when Steve White and the protest family played the venue as part of the Stowfest. If you like pubs with bare brick walls and DJ’s then this may not be the place for you. But if you like real ale or live music you might want to pay the shack a visit.

And the surrounding area………….

Ferryboat Inn

The Ferryboat is at the end of Forest Road near Tottenham Hale Tube, frequented by lots of E17ers this lovely old building is mainly a food destination. The food can is standard pub grub and can sometimes be a bit hit and miss. there is a large back garden that gets busy during the summer months.

King William the Fourth

The William is on the Leyton Side of Lea Bridge Road not far from the end of Hoe Stree (Baker Arms). A large pub with a secret, they brew their real ale right next door to the pub . One of my favorite places to while away a lazy afternoon enjoying some of the fine brodies beers. If you live in Walthamstow make the trip down Hoe street and visit the William, you won’t be disappointed.

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