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  1. I feel I must congratulate you on your very well written and illuminating diary which I find interesting and brings back a lot of memories.
    I have a confession to make; I no long live in Walthamstow or London for that matter.

    I was born in Homerton hospital back in 1939. We moved to Leyton to, unsuccessfully, avoid the WW2 bombing. My parents and I were forced to move around the borough and finally rooting ourselves in Leytonstone.

    In 1963 I met and married my husband, a Yorkshireman, and we lived in St Mary Road, Central Walthamstow. In 1984 and two sons later, we bought a house in a small village of Brotton, situated a mile from the beach and a short drive from the North York Moors.

    Sadly my husband passed away February 2016,_ but we would always make a detour to Walthamstow over the years on our way to East Sussex to visit family and friends. We were always amazed at the changes which have taken place and I’m always interested on your update. Hopefully I shall get down for a visit in the not too distant future, perhaps bring a grandchild with and explore all these interesting new developments you write about. Thank you. Happy new year to everyone.

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