You know how people go on about how they have never seen Star Wars, well I had a similar claim. Until today, I had never had a waffle. I’d had potato waffles of course, as someone who can’t really cook, potato waffles were a staple part of my diet when I was single. And I have always been prone to waffle, where I grew up in Derbyshire, waffle means talking nonsense. But, I had never tried a sweet waffle. I eat pretty much anything and everything, so I’m not sure how I managed to be on the planet for 40 years and not try one. On Sunday I decided it was time to right that wrong, and I lost my waffle virginity.

Do you know who I blame for this visit? Rachel, that’s who. Rachel sits opposite me at work and is another Walthamstow dweller. We were chatting over the top of our monitors during the week, and she mentioned that a new shop had opened on Hoe Street, and that the shop sold waffles. Turns out Rachel is pretty good at subliminal advertising, because when I woke up on Sunday morning the first thought that popped in to my head was waffle, I really want a waffle.

The shop that Rachel subconsciously persuaded me to go to is Bru. Located on Hoe Street near the Junction with First Avenue, Bru is a coffee shop come dessert parlour, that is very much geared to those with a sweet tooth. It was born in Leicester and now has three shops, with the newest one being the Walthamstow Branch. It’s owner created the first cafe to give people in Leicester something other than the big chains get their coffee from. As he has since opened another two shops, I guess his idea must have worked out pretty well.

Bru must be a cool cafe as it has jam jars that have been turned in to lights above the counter. It also has comfy booths, wooden floors and large windows to the front and side. I particularity liked the menu holders which are made out of old cassette tapes. The interior is clean, bright, comfortable, and yes, pretty cool (if people still say that). What’s that I hear you say? Stop waffling on and get on to the waffles? Oh alright then, if I must.

I should say that Bru doesn’t just sell waffles, but the waffles are pretty good. There are four options. The Banoffee, the Strawbella, the Cookie Butter, and the Nutty Professor. Each costs £3.95, and they are the kind of dessert you just want to bury your face in, I mean, why waste time trying to eat them with a spoon. I opted for the Strawbella, a waffle filled with warm nutella, and topped with Belgian Chocolate, strawberries and whipped cream. It may not be very good for the waistline, but my god it was good for the taste-buds. This may have been my first waffle, but it is not going to be my last.

Alongside the button busting waffles, Bru also serves Pastries, Gelato, Sundaes, Shakes, really decent coffee, and more types of tea than you can shake a stick at. I tried a fresh ginger and lemon tea, it was a proper zingy lipsmacker of a drink, perfect to wake me up on a Sunday morning. For me of course, the waffle was the standout of my visit. After all, it’s not everyday a person looses their waffle virginity.

Bru opens early and stays open pretty late. If you like coffee or tea, or fancy smashing your face in to melty mess of waffle sticky goodness, go and give this new kid on the block a try. for more information check the Bru website.


  1. You know, we had independent coffee shops in Leicester even when I was a child in the 80s. The owner MAY be overselling the deprivation experienced by Midlanders.

    Also – waffles? In Walthamstow? It’ll never last {shoots at look at Eat17}

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