This may sound odd, but I really like words, or should I say the pictures words can paint and moments they can capture. I started trying to capture moment using micro poetry, in theory micro poetry should be no longer than 140 characters. It’s tricky to get meaning into so few characters but I’m enjoying the challenge. I tend to tweet most of them but I’m going to start saving some of my favourites to this page. The marsh tends to feature pretty heavily as I run across it most mornings and it looks pretty spectacular first thing. The first poem ‘Home’ is also tattooed on my left arm. I have recently started to write longer pieces and  set up another site called Poet in Walthamstow, I don’t really know if what I write there is poetry, but I enjoy writing it and most of it is inspired by Walthamstow.



On the banks of the Lea I made my home, on the Marsh near the water I’ll lay my bones


The breeze rattles rushes. Mirror calm water disturbed. Grass brushes my fingers. I am renewed

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