Adventures In Digital Art

OK, I’m a bit late to this one, but on Sunday I went to Winns Gallery in Lloyd Park to see the new digital exhibition. I say a bit late because the exhibition, which is called Adventures In Digital Art, closes on the 21st November. I know, I know, that doesn’t leave much time to visit, but it’s really cool.

Winns Gallery is tucked away behind the cafe in Lloyd Park. You might be forgiven for thinking the gallery space was a store room, especially at the moment as the doors are blacked out, but, the shaded glass doors are hiding a magical secret. Adventures In Digital Art is part of Waltham Forest Digital Month, and features winners or nominees of the Lumen art prize, which focuses purely on the digital arts. The darkened space is full of interactive projections, virtual reality experiences, and machines that allow you to manipulate and mold the digital art work.

When you walk in to the gallery the first thing you see is a digital sculpture, which seems to be alive and breathing on the back wall. You can change the way it grows and curves using the iPad in front of it. Tweak the controls and the white lines of the projection dance like fountains, sway like trees and shrink to the size of Daisy’s. It’s mesmerizing to watch, and becomes almost hypnotic. To the right of the gallery is a another interactive piece called Multiple. This work turns you in to the exhibition, it picks up your image and multiplies it, projecting an endless you on to the wall of the gallery.

The real highlight for me was the virtual reality installations. Hyperplanes of Simultaneity transports you in to a virtual reality city-scape, which was all drawn by hand. You find your self standing on the edge of a building with a tree towering above you and streets stretching out below you. It was a bit disconcerting at first, the fear of falling raced through my body when I first looked down. But I soon got used to it, and spent ages with the VR goggles on exploring the virtual city. Another VR exhibit allows you to explore a psychedelic sculpture. Wearing the goggles and holding two remote controls, you steer your flight through this never ending colourful world. I really enjoyed this one, drifting through the tunnels and passages was simply fantastic.

Adventures in digital art only has one more day to run, so if you can, I would highly recommend  visiting. For more info, click here


  1. Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention. Fortuitously, I had 21st as a day’s leave from work. Wasn’t feeling too overjoyed about it though as I had several unpleasant tasks to do, including making phone calls the subjects of which were a death and taxes (!). I only had time for a 15-minute visit to the exhibition and sadly there were only a couple of other people there. It was BRILLIANT!

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