Homies On Donkeys

Wood Street market is one of those Walthamstow places that I’ve been banging on about for years. Its narrow alleyways are jam packed with little shops selling everything and anything you could possibly imagine. I was in there once with a friends kid who said it was like being in Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter books, and she’s right, it does feel a bit like that. If Master Potter and his mates did stumble across the hidden passages of Wood Street Market, I don’t think they would be disappointed, because they would find something magical. Not wands and potions of course, but food, glorious Mexican food served up by Homies On Donkeys.

The Homies operate out of the small cafe space at the back of the market. They have taken what is essentially a small white tiled box, and injected it with atmosphere and personality. The lighting is kept low, but a string of fairy lights on the back wall add a bit of sparkle. The counter top is part zebra print and part fake grass. Winding around the cacti and condiments on the counter top, there’s another string of fairy lights, these ones in the shape of flamingos. Behind the tip jar stands a blackboard that reads “Ladder Fund, in case Trump builds the wall”. Zebra print, flamingo lights and a ladder fund, the owners are clearly people who don’t take themselves to seriously, which makes this little space friendly and relaxed.

Homies say they serve kick ass tacos, and they really do. We tried the Cochinito in Chipotle sauce, which is slow cooked pork with salsa, sour cream and pickled onions. The Chicken in Adobo (spicy chicken), and guacamole tortilla chips. The tacos were £3 each, and the chips £3.50, which for freshly cooked, great food, seems all kinds of reasonable.  We timed our visit just right and managed to get seats in front of he counter, which meant we could help our selves to the sauces and salsas on the counter top. There are only four seats inside though, so lots of customers were getting take out. And when I say lots, I mean it, Homies were really busy on Saturday, which was great to see.

If you like Mexcian food, or even if you aren’t sure, go and try the tremendous tacos served by Homies on Donkeys. The food is great and made right there in front of you in this fun little shop. You’ll find the Homies in unit 38 of Wood Street Indoor market. The shop is open Monday to Saturday 11am – 5pm and on the first Sunday of the Month 11am – 5pm. You can read more about the team and their food on the Homies on Donkeys web site.

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