Seth’s Spice Hut

Seth’s Spice Hut is tucked in amongst the dangling stocking clad legs and fruit and veg stalls of the market. It’s not actually a hut, it’s a pretty ordinary looking white trailer that parks up outside Spec Savers and serves Indian food. It would be pretty easy to miss, easy just to walk straight past it, but there’s generally always a queue of people waiting to buy food, so it often catches my eye. Seth’s is one of those food stalls that I’ve been intending to try for ages, but never got around to visiting. I’m usually busy dodging tartan shopping trolleys, or trying to stop the dog hoovering up the scraps of food he finds on the floor. Yesterday however, I wasn’t in so much of a rush. We’d popped up the High Street to drop a pair of shoes in at the cobblers, with that task completed, the only other thing we needed to do was get a pint of milk for our neighbour. The dog was being well behaved, and I hadn’t been knee capped by a shopping trolley, so when we saw the queue at Seth’s was relatively short, we decided to stop and get some lunch.

Yes I know, Indian food for lunch is not exactly the healthiest option, but I’ve never been a rice cracker kind of person. Besides, I’d been for a long run on the marsh in the morning, so I was in danger of becoming hangry if I didn’t eat. Whilst I’m not a ryvita eater, I do have a tendency to be indecisive when ordering food, luckily the menu at Seth’s is short and not too overwhelming. Kebab rolls, chicken tikka rolls, mixed kebab, chicken tikka box, loose kebab, samosa and onion bhaji. A brief menu, but I still managed to dither a little about what I wanted to order. Tikka roll, no, mixed kebab, no, tikka box, what are you having? I eventually went for the mixed kebab roll, and my other half ordered the tikka box with samosas. At £3.50 and £4.00, and £1.70 for five samosas, the prices are pretty decent.

We watched as our food was prepared, and the dog flirted with the boys behind us in the hope he might get something to eat. Our food was handed over, the boys said goodbye to the dog, and we headed up the market to find somewhere to perch and eat. Sitting on the steps near the big screen on town square, we unwrapped the goodness that Seth’s Spice Hut had served us. My mixed kebab was all kinds of amazing, perfectly cooked, dripping with sauce, and wrapped in fresh bread. The tikka box and samosas were equally as good. As we were eating, a man came over and told me Jesus could save me, I thought to my self, it’s too late mate, Seth already has. The one and only disappointing thing about the Spice Hut, is that we waited so long to try it.





  1. its tasty indeed but the guy at the front makes the food and handles money, both with bare hands. am i going to get ill? we will have to wait and see

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