W & D’s Caribbean Delights

There I was, sitting in a dimly lit bar on Wood Street, discussing giant prawns and post-coital habits with two slightly tipsy, very giggly, ladies who had lunched. A reggae version of an Ed Sheeran song was playing in the background, rum punch was being mixed at the bar, and we all agreed that the painted sunset on the wall behind me was spectacular. This was a pretty unexpected end to an afternoon that started with a simple plan to go for a walk. We were wandering around Wood Street, looking at the new street art by the Wood Street Walls project when it started raining. Let’s pop in to the Georgian Village, I said to my other half, we can avoid the rain in there. We walked in, waved at Jason in Hillman’s Tea Rooms, and headed down the narrow corridor beyond. As we reached the end of the corridor, I peered in to a shop window, turned to my other half and said ‘I think this is the rum bar’, and that’s when things started to get hazy.

I had heard rumours of a rum bar in the Georgian Village, heard whispers that it was a good place to visit, but I never usually  make it past the tea rooms. This time was different, we were stood outside the little bar, it was open, and we were going in. To say that W & D’s Caribbean Delights is a tiny bar, is an understatement, it makes our spare room look massive. One wall is lined with bottles of rum, a small wooden bar sits in the corner, and five or six red leather stools are squeezed in around the sides of the room. Another wall is painted with a sunset, complete with silhouetted palm trees, a design which is repeated on the front of the bar. Rope lights surround the window, the flashing colours giving a neon glow to the room, and the sweet smell of rum hangs in the air. It’s too small to keep your self to your self, hence the conversation about prawns and, erm, other matters, with the two ladies who were already in there. I like that though, makes it friendly and gives it a nice atmosphere.

Having sat and perused the menu, we started off with a couple of pina coladas. We also tried the rum punch, spiced rum, and the lemon blast, which is lemon with banana rum. Cocktails cost six quid, which for the size of the glass they are served in seems like a good deal. Rum on the rocks will set you back four quid, as will mocktails, and liqueurs are three pounds.  The lady serving us told us that the banana mash up was a good drink to try, but we didn’t get that far down the menu, at least, I don’t think we did, Hic!

It seems unlikely doesn’t it, a rum bar in a faux Georgian shop in Walthamstow, but it really works. W & D’s isn’t over engineered or over thought, as some bars can be these days. It’s straight forward and to the point, it has a bar, it has booze, and it has seats, perfect. It reminds me of road side bars that I’ve seen when travelling overseas, you know, the kind you see in shacks and on beach fronts. Its not fussy or over complicated, it’s relaxed, colourful, small for sure, but packed with character. We lost a couple of hours in there, we sang along to a reggae version of Let It Go, we had a good laugh, and generally had a great time. For more info on W & D’s, check them out on facebook, or on the Georgian Village web site.

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