70 Hoe Street

Friday was a lovely sunny day wasn’t it? Luckily I had booked the day off work so got to enjoy the sunshine instead of just seeing it through the office window. After a run on the marsh and a potter around the garden, me and the dog headed off to meet a friend for lunch. My mate lives near Hoe Street so we decided to go to Indulgence for some grub, I never pass up the chance to have a ginger bread hug. When we had eaten, my friend suggested popping down to the new shop at 70 Hoe Street. We had wandered past it after a visit to the bell the weekend before, the shop was closed then so we just had to peep in through the windows. This time the shop was open, and nothing was going to stop us going in for a look.

The shop was once (I think) a plumbers merchant or bathroom shop. It never seemed to be open so I think it was mainly used for storage. It’s safe to say that things have changed a great deal since then. The red shop front and the large number 70 are still there, but the rest of the shop couldn’t be more different. The blackboard outside tells visitors that number 70 is now home to gifts, furniture, prints, stationary, jewellery and homeware. Menagerie Makes are responsible for the animal themed gifts and homeware, and Bella Quail is responsible for the re-loved up-cycled furniture. This little shop is packed floor to ceiling with goodies, we thought we would be in and out quickly but ended up staying much longer.

We looked through the greetings cards in the window first, then looked at the prints hanging on the wall behind the counter. Within one minute of being in the shop my friend had already purchased an amazing print of a beetle, and I had picked up a card wallet that reads I love Walthamstow. There are some great things on sale in the shop, a book called Animals of the stow caught my eye, as did the make sock animal kits. Papier mache bowls, fox cushions and jewellery in the shape of dinosaurs (called Designosoar) are amongst the other items that can be found in number 70.


One of the owners told us that the shop had been open for around four weeks. I asked how business was doing and she told me that it had been pretty poplar so far, and I can see why. The mix of beautiful re-purposed furniture, gifts and prints, make this little shop a great destination. A welcome addition to Walthamstow, and yet another exciting venture to spring up near Bell corner. Congratulations to Menagerie Makes and Bella Quail for creating a lovely shop, and for giving E17ers a new place to come and shop local.




  1. Hey there!
    Did you know we (E17 Art House) have relocated to Hoe Street?
    Lovely large bright shop between No70 and The Bell, and we now stock great, stylish gifts (including Soapsmith soaps, made in Forest Road and sold in Selfridges) as well as East London art and custom framing.
    Drop by and let us know what you think.
    Closed Sundays.

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