Wood Street Coffee

You might expect to find Wood Street Coffee on Wood Street,  but if you went looking for them there you would be disappointed. They started life as a pop at Wood Street Market, then moved to Orford Road for a while, but as of yesterday they call Blackhorse Workshop their home. Never one to miss the chance of having a good cuppa, we hopped on the 158 yesterday and paid them a visit. The first time we went to Blackhorse Workshop we struggled to find it, its location on Sutherland Path is surrounded by a mixture of Victorian housing stock and new builds and the workshop is tucked out of sight. Thankfully, a sign now points the way from Blackhorse Lane so it’s much easier to find.

In front of the workshop another sign announces the presence of the new cafe with the promise of cakes, cold drinks and seats. Wood Street Coffee have moved in to the large space at the side of the workshop area. With its high ceiling and red painted concrete floor there is no escaping the fact that this is a working building. But far from being a cold industrial space,  Wood Street Coffee’s new home is rather inviting. A wooden counter occupies one end of the room with the promised tables and chairs filling the space in front. I was mightily impressed with the range of goodies displayed on the counter top. Fresh sandwiches,  beautiful salads and cakes are all there to tempt visitors. I ordered a cheese and ham sandwich and a tea then took a seat at one of the tables. The sandwich was made using sourdough and was pretty spectacular,  it was also very filling so sadly I didn’t get to try any cakes this time.

The cafe was busy with a mix of workshop users and other folk like us who were out for a wander. The occasional sound of metal work and band saws drifted through the doors between the cafe and workshop. Not loud enough to disturb, but enough to remind you that things are being made in the building, it’s not just a cafe. As we ate, I noticed that the smell of coffee was mingling with the smell of wood and saw dust from next door. It reminded me of being back in Wood work class at school. I like the fact the cafe is part of a working building and doesn’t try to hide it, the two spaces sit well together. The area outside the workshop and cafe is home to more tables and chairs surrounded by tubs and raised beds full of fresh veg. There are also stalls being set up in preparation for next weeks first Blackhorse Market.

This is yet another industrial space that has been opened up to the public in Walthamstow and it seems to really work. A  combination of making space,  good food and great tea and coffee. It may be tucked away and hidden from view,  but Wood Street Coffee’s new home is definitely worth a visit.

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