Eat Or Heat Spring Fair

A couple of months ago I was sat in the Chequers talking with Paul Lindt, the editor of the E List. I write a column for magazine and he asked I would be involved with an event called E List Live. He told me that the event would be part of the spring fundraiser for the Eat or Heat food bank, I supped my pint and said “Yes, why not”. As the event date approached I realised that I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do on the day, a sense of panic began to grow. This only got worse when I began seeing emails about tables, leaflets and plans from other groups. I write a blog, I ramble on about trips to the pub and wanders on the marsh, I don’t have leaflets or other members of my group. I began to think that perhaps, thanks to the influence of a pint (or two) I had got my self in to something entirely inappropriate.



I arrived at midday and made my way in to the host venue, the St Mary’ Church Welcome Centre. As I walked in to the event I was instantly distracted by some amazing hand drawn plates made by the students of Whitefield School. I bought two of them, one of them depicting the stadium and another of my favorite building, the Lighthouse. I’m pleased I picked them up on the way in, as I was leaving I noticed that most of the plates had been sold, something I hope the students that created them are incredibly proud of. After my purchase I went in to the room hosting the Elist Live section of the fundraiser, pinned my Walthamstow Diary badge on my shirt and went to see who else was around.

My first point of a call was the table being shared by Waltham Forest For Dogs and the St James Big Local Project. I became a dog owner recently and live not far from St James Street, making this a perfect combination for me. The representative of St James Big Local made the mistake of asking what I new about the St James area, I’m afraid I may have gone on a little about the old brewery, ghost signs and stories of the old booking office now bricked up under one of the railway arches. Whilst at that end of the room I also had a chat with Waltham Forest Lets, an organisation that enables skills and goods to be shared locally. I also had a good chat with The Soul Project who are based on Wood Street, and learnt about another project called Kitbox furniture bank that collect unwanted furniture and distribute it to those that need it.

Lots of organisations were represented at the event including Soho Theatre who have amazing plans for the EMD cinema, The Walthamstow Acoustic Massive, The Mill, The Toy Library, Waltham Forest Rising and fellow Elist contributor The Wilcumstowe Times. I had a great afternoon chatting to these groups and the others that were at the event. I also enjoyed chatting with people attending the event, hearing what they liked, didn’t like about living in Walthamstow and having a good old gossip about E17. However, I must apologise to the lady who had just moved to the area that asked me ” What’s Walthamstow Like” I’m aware I went on a bit, well, a lot, I didn’t mean to make your eyes glaze over. All in all today this event was great, talking about Walthamstow all afternoon and visiting some of my favorite E17 businesses like Mothers Ruin Gin and Wood Street Coffee. And yes, I admit, despite my assertion earlier on the day that I would not, under any circumstances buy any cake. I couldn’t resist the draw of Cakes Aura Rosa, and headed off with a box full to the brim of their most lovely cakes.


Arriving this morning I had no idea what I was supposed to do as Walthamstow Diary at the Elist Live, what I ended up doing was having a great time. I met some inspiring groups and organisations and had a good old gossip with friends. Importantly though, it was amazing to see so many people there to support the work of the Eat Or Heat food bank. The only draw back from today, I now have a sore throat from talking about Walthamstow all afternoon.



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