Super Sunday

During the London Olympic games many refered to Saturday 4th August as Super Saturday; there were a few reasons why the date was given this name,  but one of them was because of the large number of events taking place on the same day. Apply the same logic to Walthamstow and perhaps the 30th of June should be classed as Super Sunday? There were so many events happening locally, simply deciding what to do required military planning. Five events had popped up on our radar; Trencher Fields allotments open day, Eat Or Heat fundraiser, Farmers market picnic, Walthamstow Village garden party and the Stoneydown Park folk festival. We worked out that we could fit in three events,  so at lunch time we headed out in to the sunny stow to make a start on our Super Sunday.

The first stop on our list was the farmers market picnic which had been organised as part of the appetite festival. The picnic area was set up slap bang in the middle of the market, complete with deck chairs, picnic rugs, Punch & Judy and a game of pin the tail on the pig (it is a farmers market after all) it was already busy when we arrived. We got food from the Giggly Pig and strolled around the other stalls waiting for the Punch & Judy show to start. Yes, I am a bit old for Punch & Judy but I like to see how different professors (the puppeteer) present this 300 year old form of entertainment. We watched for a while laughing along with the kids  and then headed off to the next event on our list, the Eat or Heat fundraiser.

The Cake & Art fete took place at the Quaker Meeting house on Jewel road and proceeds went to Eat or Heat our local food bank. People from all over Walthamstow had made and donated cake which was on sale at the event. Local artists had donated some amazing work which some Bandstandlucky visitors will soon find out they have won in the raffle. There was also bunting made by the pupils at Whitfield School, massages and a book tombolla. It was great to see so many people supporting this organisation which provides a vital service to those that use it. It was also nice to chat with fellow E17-ers,  and of course enjoy the amazing variety of cake. We walked off the cake to get to our final stop which was the Stoneydown Park Folk Festival, this event has been taking place for a few years now and always makes for a brilliant way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Thanks to the hot weather the park was heaving and as always there was a relaxed and friendly Stoneydown Stageatmosphere. We whiled away the hours listening the music organised by Walthamstow Folk Club and had a good old gossip with friends. We had a fantastic day meandering around E17 and although we didn’t make it to everything that was happening today, isn’t it great that we often have so much choice?I think that today says a great deal about Walthamstow and the people who live here. Most of todays events have been organised by residents who care about their area or a local cause and they are doing something to support or celebrate it. I’m not looking at the world through a pair of Awesomestow tinted sun glasses, I know E17 isn’t perfect but today shows that people are working hard to make it better, and I for one and proud to be part of the Walthamstow community.

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