Boats of the Lea

Boats of the Lea

By the banks of the Lea I made my home, well by the Lighthouse really but I’m still pretty close to the Marsh. There are people who have quite literally made their home on the banks of the Lea. Boats of all shapes and sizes are moored along the river, some are house boats, some are weekend projects and others are used purely as pleasure craft. I run across the marsh almost everyday, and over the years one thing I’ve really enjoyed seeing is the names given to the boats.

I’ve seen some cracking names including Woof Bark Donkey, Granny Buttons, Timebender, Ironclad and Roadrunner. This afternoon whilst out for a wander on the marsh I decided to take a photo of any boat I spotted with a name, documenting one day on our bit of the River Lea.

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