The Walthamstow Lighthouse

The Lighthouse stands on Markhouse Road and is one of my favourite buildings in Walthamstow. It was built in 1893 with the backing of Captain King from  the Bullard King Steamer Company, it was King who insisted on the nautical design. It struggled with debt during the first world war and was damaged by incendiary bombs during the second world war, but despite all the that has happened to it, the building has survived. The lantern on top of its tower was used instead of bells to call the congregation to mass, it’s also pretty good at helping me navigate my way home after a few too many beers. The Lighthouse is 35 miles from the sea, it is out-of-place yet perfectly at home, a lovely bit of Walthamstow bonkers. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been messing around with photos of the Lighthouse, changing light and colours and mixing in other images, here are some of the results.

Walthamstow Lighthouse
Cloud burst
Walthamstow Lighthouse
The Lighthouse at the end of days
Walthamstow Lighthouse
Stick of Rock
Walthamstow Lighthouse
Sunburst 1
Walthamstow Lighthouse
Sunburst 2
Walthamstow Lighthouse
Ray of light
Walthamstow Lighthouse
At Sea
Walthamstow Lighthouse
The Dalek
Walthamstow Lighthouse

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