Mega spiders of E17

It started with a whisper, a distant threat on the horizon, the feeling that someone or something is watching you. We all put it to the back of our minds and carried on with business as usual, ignoring the movement seen through the corner of an eye, putting it down to shadows.

But then the rumours started to spread, rumours about creatures. It was confusing at first, people were talking about bites and a threat from the sky that descended on Walthamstow at dusk and fed on our blood. Then it happened, the first picture was taken, a blurry shot of a multi legged beast lurking by a plug hole.

Everyone hoped it was a one off, a freak of nature. But the webs started appearing outside and the beasts began to multiply. They came in to our homes, scuttling and hiding under sofas at first, but before long they were standing on our rugs and walking up our stairs.

I stand now at the beginning of the end, gazing out at what once was my garden, a place of joy that is now overtaken by the spiders. it is with fear in my heart that I go forward to face the multi eyed threat.

Beware the mega spiders of Walthamstow, they are in your homes and gardens, under your beds and behind your TV, they have no fear. Only a strong heart a glass and a beer mat can save you now.

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